why choose us

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We are a niche firm relishing the obscurity of size, yet with the resource and capacity to provide our clients with a wide range of services according to their needs.

Our objective is not to be “all things to all people” but rather an integral part of our Client’s operations to provide specific, timely and serious results. Our own perception of value is built into our focus on strong and involved relationships with our clients as well as timely, proactive and thoughtful advice.


  • DFK Nugents is a Five Partner Practice with staff that have demonstrated success in delivering long term value for our clients. We seek to have two Partners involved in each client relationship backed by a strong management team
  • Strong client relationships built over many years of involvement and active engagement in their financial affairs and inter generational concerns
  • National & International Affiliations through the DFK network
  • Capacity and capabilities of a “3rd tier” alternative firm – well beyond the small suburban practitioner and benchmarked as to quality and depth of expertise against considerably more expensive and less flexible 2nd tier firms.
  • Australia Project China Pty Ltd www.apcaus.cn a joint venture of Legal, Property and related capabilities to service Chinese Investors into the Australia market and Australian Investors seeking to broaden their markets into Asian markets.
  • A co-ordinated offering of Professional support seeking to provide:
  • Tax Expertise and Strategic overview
  • Full complement of Wealth Management expertise
  • Full service compliance management that is constantly developing efficiencies to manage costs and offer greater utility and options
  • Audit capability internally and via referrals within DFK network
  • Experienced Managers involved in files from the outset
  • Multiple points of contact to ensure queries are addressed promptly